full prepayment of all room charges is required before check-in. All reservations will be cancelled or rated as invalid if De Geogold Hotel & Suites has not received full payment of rooms within the given period of reservation


•    For  individual
o    rooms are accepted free of charges before 6pm same day of arrival

•    For groups with ten rooms or below
o    7Days before arrival date 50% of expected accommodation costs.
o    2Days before arrival date 100% of expected accommodation costs.

•    For groups with more than ten rooms
o    7 Days before arrival  date 80% of expected accommodation costs
o    4Days before arrival date 100% of expected accommodation costs.

•    (Other cancellation policies and restrictions may apply to discounted rates.)
•    Any reservation changes which occur during your stay in the hotel will be charged 50% before 5pm and 100% after 5pm.
•    Such as: late departures, no shows and early arrival before 12pm.

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